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Preparing for the Inevitable

The great party of the twentieth century is coming to an end.

Unless we start preparing our survival kit we will soon be just another species eking out an existence in the few habitable regions.

We should NOW be preparing for the rise of sea levels, spells of near-intolerable heat and storms of unprecedented severity. We need NOW to develop strategies to ensure reliable access to food and water, and how distribute food with minimal petrol. We need NOW crisis teams to prepare for unprecedented and massive migration, disease and epidemics? We need NOW to ensure our national security.

We cannot wait. Ten years from now could well be too late.

This never happens in peacetime - for it generally takes a generation or more for new concepts to become mainstream. Global warming is a national emergency. We need to plan it as a war in which everyone will be mobilised.

Since the world is too big and too divided to organise as one,
each individual nation will have to do it for themselves.

We have to make sure our own defences against climate change are in place before the seas rise and food supplies diminish. The most vulnerable are close to sea level, such as London and Melbourne and New York. They must be well prepared to rebuild and retreat in a humane way before the waters advance.

Only our leaders, in business and government, have the clout to achieve this in time.

We, the people, have to make them act NOW.

Only the defence of our civilisation by people who can see the danger
will ward off the chaos that may overtake us.

For example, United Kingdom emissions have fallen 12% in the past ten years as coal has been replaced by natural gas, nuclear and renewables. Dupont has reduced its emissions by 72% since 1990. Government and business have found, often to their surprise, that this has saved money. Dupont in this instance saved more than $3bn.

Being green makes both environmental and financial sense - and it is safer.

In the end, government has to provide stable, long-term policies to unleash the innovation in our work, our homes, in technologies and lifestyles that is needed. This is how.

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