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Extinction of life on Earth
through Global Warming

For the proofs of our situation (all fully referenced) read this file.

And for the most immediate threat in 2014 from a gigantic burp of methane
please read this report and
please start writing to and influencing your politicians.

Also look at my talk on "Global Warming, National Security and Ethics" to the Independent Scholars of Australia in Canberra, October 2007. It can be viewed here.

Scientists have become increasingly anxious about global warming and our future on this planet. Since late 2005 fear of global warming has made them increasingly concerned. The evidence is now overwhelming - we have glimpsed what the future may portend.

It is urgent because only a slight increase in temperature is needed to trigger tipping points that cannot then be reversed. This will release vast quantities of greenhouse gas that will have a catastrophic effect on life. Temperatures could rise by 5 degrees in a decade, so how much time do we have?

The question for humanity is: can global warming be prevented?

There is now enough CO2 already in the air, so were we to STOP all burning of fossil fuels immediately, STOP driving all cars and trucks and STOP devastating our forests - and did so NOW - temperatures would still continue to rise for at least another two decades!

We wont be doing that - will we?
Nor will Big-Oil nor will Big-Coal nor will our governments!

Then watch out!! For by the time we get around to it - and convince China and India etc etc to do the same - the earth's mean temperature could have increased by at least 2 degrees centigrade. This may not seem a lot, but when the whole globe gets close to this temperature we now know from recent scientific evidence that the following consequences are more than plausible, and these tipping points could happen abruptly:-

  1. There are vast stores of CO2 and methane held in forests, in the oceans and in the soil. Before 2 degrees is reached these greenhouse gases will start to seep into the atmosphere. This will increase temperatures further, triggering the emission of more carbon dioxide and methane - and a dangerous and unstoppable feedback loop will have started. The warming of permafrost in Siberia is a major concern.
  2. The affect of global warming on Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, especially Greenland and the Western Antarctic, will be devastating. The process of disintegration has already started, and will soon be irreversible. Complete collapse of these two areas would raise sea levels by more than 14 metres.
  3. Trees will be under considerable stress, and whole species may be wiped out either by the heat or by insect pests that flourish in a warmer climate. This is already happening in north America. Bush fires will be more frequent and larger, each time releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  4. The great tropical forests of the Amazon, Borneo and the Congo are being over-logged and tests have shown they are likely to collapse if drought lasts more than three years. These forests are the major CO2 sinks.
  5. As a result, supplies of food and water will be greatly diminished from flooding, sea level rise, drought and chaotic weather.
  6. Close to a billion people will be forced to search for new homes. This unwanted immigration will force nations to resort to extreme measures including nuclear war.
  7. Continued global warming will turn our lovely planet into a greenhouse of hell for all living things as habitats are threatened. It has happened before in the Eocene Warming and can again.

Therefore we have to prepare.
Government must galvanise now to protect our children from imminent danger

Everywhere, everyone, must STOP using fossil fuels, PLANT trees while
still PREPARING for the worst ... within the next 8 years.

We cannot allow our world to be destroyed. Failure is not an option .

Every MOTHER knows that even a ten percent possibility
that we could DAMAGE OUR CHILDREN is unacceptable.

WOMEN EVERYWHERE - urge your men to read this and start running their lives differently.

YOU can prevent further warming NOW
Personally and Politically

Every item of information comes from the most recent and reputable scientific sources and published dialogues. As citations would impede the text, and as most may be looked up on the web, we decided not to fill the text with them.

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