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What happens to us when the Earth
is 2 degrees Warmer?

The fact that CO2 and methane concentrations have passed the threshold of 400ppm is of the most enormous significance. It means we have entered a new era - the era of dangerous climate change.

We have reached the point where our children
can no longer be promised a safe climate.

The most urgent outcomes of a 2°C rise, which is now at the low end of what is expected, and without even considering the devastation of triggering even one of the climate tipping points, would be:

This is the future that we are bequeathing our children and ourselves if any of us are younger than eighty. This is happening in our times, to our families and loved ones, and is no longer a distant scenario. It is here.

Those who live in the country will be better prepared than those who live in the city. A city is a place that consumes a great deal and produces little, at least in terms of essentials. A city without incoming food or water collapses rapidly, whereas a small community closely tied to the natural environment can more easily adjust to technological and economic change.

It could spell extinction for most of us, and for the planet we love,
and, of course it will be enormously worse when temperatures go above 2°C.

We have very little time to act now. Governments must stop talking and start spending. We already have the technology to solve most of these problems and still meet our growing need for energy. We even have the money! We have to get government to act.

YOU can prevent further warming NOW
Personally and Politically

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Every item of information comes from the most recent and reputable scientific sources and published dialogues. As citations would impede the text, and as most may be looked up on the web, we decided not to fill the text with them.

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