About Us

I bet you’re so tired of hearing how “we only get one world, so let’s protect it” - right? Well, sorry to say that I created Planet Extinction to get the exact same message out there, but in a new way. 

My name is Jenna Bates and I am passionate about saving the world through recycling - not for me, but for my babies. My children are 32 and 27 years old now, and they have given me three wonderful grandchildren. 

Slowing down the process of global warming can allow them to have all of the amazing experiences that I had with my children, but with theirs. 

I am calling out to you anyone who has loved ones, perhaps children or babies, in their lives that they want to protect the future of. 

Imagine these children growing up in a world where they cannot play outside in the summer because the temperature is too hot. Think about how they won’t be able to enjoy their childhood because of the impending extinction of the planet. 

All of this hurt and worry - just because the adults in their lives didn’t do their part and choose a more sustainable lifestyle? 

It’s too late to stop global warming altogether, but we can slow it down. If everyone were to live a greener lifestyle, we might be able to help the younger generations just a little bit in the future. 

We have already made irreparable damages to our planet, so can’t we all band together and commit to slowing down the consequences?