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About Us - the Crisis Coalition Team

We are a dedicated group of individuals who want to raise awareness of the real reality of a planet in Crisis. I saw Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth in New York in June 2006. The very last picture, shown for only a few seconds, of the melt around the edges of the Greenland ice shield was the most shocking. I suddenly realised we were no longer talking of hundreds of years but of ten. The consequences of warming are here now.

I had to act. Others feel as I do. We have formed the Climate Coalition to spur everyone to act now - for if we don't the seas will rise and humans on our heavily populated planet will be at each other's throats for survival.

John JamesJohn James - Professionally, I have been trained to assimilate large amounts of data and find the patterns in it. I have applied this ability to medieval history and to transpersonal therapy, and now to the material collected on this site. I can no longer stand by when I see how my children and grandchildren could suffer from the greed and selfishness of my generation. For more information on my work www.johnjames.com.au and on the training's and workshops of the Crucible Centre www.cruciblecentre.com.

Alan Williams Alan Williams - I’m a geographer, and worked for over 15 years in the oil & gas industry. As father of two beautiful teenage girls I cannot sit on my hands and watch as short-term government and industry self-interests destroy our world. My training showed me that it CAN be in the interests of industry to become carbon-neutral, and that as individuals, we CAN do something to leave a positive legacy so our children may be proud of us.

Sue PearsonSue Pearson – I am a mother of two teenage boys and have built a design and retail business over the last 25 years. By constantly responding to changing market and consumer directions my forte has become creative problem-solving and forecasting future trends. I believe we are now reaching a critical stage in human evolution which is inextricably linked to the health of the planet. As world renowned nutritionalist Nathan Pritikin said, “If you would rather die than change your ways then you will”. It is imperative that we start making changes now to ensure a sustainable future for our children. Who knows, it may turn out to be even better than we thought possible.

Colin Crawford-Smith - I have been an environmental advocate and have worked in the energy sector since 1980, and recently for positive change in business to reduce greenhouse emissions. I have focused my expertise reducing emissions in the energy industries and on all aspects of green energy markets, technologies & regulation. I have built a successful consulting business, GreenPower Services, around the expansion of zero & low emission energy supply and the installation energy efficiency measures across Australia. In 1994 I was a founder of the Green Power products now offered by nearly all retail electricity companies in the country who collectively are now serving 300,000 customers Australia wide and still growing.

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